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The Capri Theatre, 117 N Center Street, Lake City, Iowa, 51449
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The Capri Theatre, 117 N Center Street, Lake City, Iowa, 51449

04-02-2010 · Comments (16)
Categories: Holga  Kodak Portra 400VC  USA  

I'm away for a short time, but, I'll be back. There are some images going up whilst I'm gone so I hope that you enjoy those. The posting may be sporadic as I am relying on being able to post a few whilst there, so if it all goes quite then access to a computer has become difficult. I'm thinking about taking the laptop, but, weight may dictate otherwise. If I am able to update you about my progress, I will. If not, I'll See you in a while!

I've had a little nod over at 52 Editions If it is something that appeals to you, why not get it whilst it's cheap!

The burden of love is the fuel of bad grammar.
You stutter and stammer--what a bitch to convey
the crux of the matter, when the words you must
utter are hopelessly tangled in the memories and scars you show no one.

Listening to: "Christmas Day" (No Such Place) - Jim White

Preben Holst

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