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Keep Your Enemies Close, But, Your Faith Closer. Epano Loumas, Crete.
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Keep Your Enemies Close, But, Your Faith Closer. Epano Loumas, Crete.

27-12-2009 · Comments (10)
Categories: Crete  Hasselblad SWC/M  Kodak Ektar  

Another delightful little house that was open, well, I say a house, it was one room living at its most extreme! This village is Epano Loumas (Επάνω Λούμας) a mountain village in the most extreme position, the wind really whistles through here - the last occupant didn't rely on glass to keep the cold out, just a simple combination of faith and a blanket combined with a stack of cardboard at the windows. Why is it those with so little rely on faith so much? I guess you might as well as there is nothing to lose! For those with an interest here is an aerial shot of Epano Loumas (Επάνω Λούμας) and the surrounding area.

Though photographic art historians consider that William Eggelston’s
legendary colour show at the MOMA in 1979 was ground-breaking for the
acceptance of colour photography, Saul Leiter is one of the true pioneers
of colour and abstract photography. He started shooting in colour in 1948.
Saul Leiter treated the use of colour in his photographs of the street and
his surroundings as a painter of his time (1940s) would have done, and he
helped lay the foundations for the development of the abstract notions of
a photograph in the US.

Listening to: "Blue In Green" (Kind of Blue) - Miles Davis

Saul Leiter

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