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Netta's Spare Room. Always Ready For Visitors. Taunton, Somerset.
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Netta's Spare Room. Always Ready For Visitors. Taunton, Somerset.

21-12-2009 · Comments (9)
Categories: Fuji Pro 400H  Hasselblad SWC/M  

Netta is my mother-in-law. She is 94 years of age and lives alone. I was thinking recently that it might be nice to try and capture some of her through her house. It's always spotless and always tidy, it's always a very calm place. This is the fourth I have processed, there are more and I do need to take more.
Netta lives in Taunton which is the county town of Somerset. If you fancy a peek of the location then here is an aerial view.

when everything we felt failed
and some music soft in distant sails
but it don't sound like it did before
then I know I'm left with nothing more
than my own soul
when pretty pictures face back
but your coats aren't hanging on the rack
and blue water turns to
a place that i can't get to
a place that i can't

Listening to: "Song For A Blue Guitar" (Song For A Blue Guitar) - Red House Painters

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