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The Heart Of A Home Is . . . . Finokalia (Φινοκαλιά, Κρήτη) Crete
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The Heart Of A Home Is . . . . Finokalia (Φινοκαλιά, Κρήτη) Crete

14-12-2009 · Comments (12)
Categories: Crete  Hasselblad SWC/M  Kodak Ektar  

More from the recent trip to Crete and a return to this achingly beautiful little house I stumbled across in the village of Finokalia (Φινοκαλιά). A tiny village up in the hills that I have driven through more times than I care to remember. It always seemed to have promise, but, I never managed to find anything of interest until this trip. I guess all it takes is one house and this one was just perfect. Anyway, I'm sure that you will see at least a couple more of this room as that's all it was, one room - one room living at its most lovely. For those with an interest here is an aerial shot of Finokalia (Φινοκαλιά) and the surrounding area.

The music today (link below) is from the album Sacrebleu by the music producer and DJ Dimitri from Paris. Born in Istanbul, Turkey to Greek parents, Sacrebleu was his first full album release. The track below is the first track 'Prologue' attached to the 17th track 'Par Un Chemin Different'. I have used footage from the 1958 film Mon Oncle ("My Uncle") staring Jacques Tati. I've been trying for some time to add clips to some of my favourite tunes so if you want to see others why not pop over to YouTube or Vimeo.

Also be sure to check out my photographer link below. Phillip Toledano's moving series of photos of his aging father.

Hello there and welcome to the exciting world of hip.
This is a new departure in language instruction for
English speaking people who want to talk to and be understood
by, jazz musicians, hipsters, beatniks, juvenile delinquents
and the criminal fringe.

Listening to: "Par Un Chemin Different" (Sacrebleu) - Dimitri From Paris

Thomas Birke

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