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94 Years Young. Annetta Ruth Lea. Taunton, Somerset.
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94 Years Young. Annetta Ruth Lea. Taunton, Somerset.

04-12-2009 · Comments (12)
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Netta is my mother-in-law. She is 94 years of age and lives alone. I was thinking recently that it might be nice to try and capture some of her through her house. It's always spotless and always tidy, it's always a very calm place. This is first just because I processed it first - I'll probably show the others in due course.
Netta lives in Taunton which is the county town of Somerset. If you fancy a peek of the location then here is an aerial view.

She’s my oblivion
And my skin burns

Listening to: "My Oblivion" (Waiting For The Moon) - Tindersticks

Edward Burtynsky

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