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First The Ice Cream. Then, The Nazi Memorabilia. Grand Parade, Bath.
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First The Ice Cream. Then, The Nazi Memorabilia. Grand Parade, Bath.

30-10-2009 · Comments (9)
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I'm back and I have a bloody Internet connection. That was a frustrating break for a few reasons, but, a productive one. Well, I hope it was, films are being processed as we speak. Good to go and good to return.
I have posted a shot of these guys before. The last time it was a slightly less flattering shot of the chap with the ice cream. Here he is in the process of showing this guy a piece of Nazi memorabilia obtained in a concentration camp at the end of the war. They were oblivious to me and so was able to rattle off a few shots unnoticed. If you have an interest here is an aerial view of Grand Parade and the surrounding area.

Fibreglass, funny face upon the wall
It's funny when it's not funny at all
And if it's up to him, you can take the ways of sin
And smash it like a glass against the wall

But it's nothing too pathetic
Full of rhetoric and doubt
Carry on like little creatures
In the fields of the heart

I don't wanna freak
But the tongue erodes
Each time we speak
On a timely mission
Oh, you look pretty swell
In your new position

Listening to: "Nashville Parent" (Nixon) - Lambchop

Sze Tsung Leong

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