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A Degree Of Blur, Reflection And Experimentation. Batheaston, Bath.
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A Degree Of Blur, Reflection And Experimentation. Batheaston, Bath.

25-10-2009 · Comments (15)
Categories: Agfa APX  Hasselblad FlexBody  

I'm away for a few weeks and my normal free and stolen Wi-Fi has decided to bite back and piss about! Now, I'm not sure if it is because the whole of the village is stealing this connection or that the owner is making things difficult, but, it is as slow as a slow thing! I feel like I am working with a 16k modem on Windows 3.0!
I wish since my last post that the above was true! My stolen Wi-Fi ceased to be about 5 days ago. I was stealing it after all, but, suddenly it disappeared. I think it is the longest I have gone without an Internet connection in many a year. It started out as blind panic and then a calm came over me. I think that he must have gone away for a week or something. You would have thought he might have left his router running, but, NO! Anyway, he appears to be back and I am smiling, which is more than can be said of me in this photo. More experimentation with the Flexbody before I came away. There is something not quite right about smiling at a camera when you are the one taking the photo - I just can't bring myself to do it, I find it intensely odd.

Kissed my sweetheart by the chinaball tree
Everything I done is between God and me
Only He will judge how my time was spent
Twenty - nine days of sinnin'
And forty to repent

The horse is steady but the horse is blind
Wicked are the branches on the tree of mankind
Roots grow upward and the branches grow down
It's much too late to throw the dice again
I've found

I'm gonna take the sins of my father
Take the sins of my mother
Gonna take the sins of my brother
Down to the pond

Listening to: "Sins Of My Father" (Real Gone) - Tom Waits

Amy Stein

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