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Improvised Storage And A Bench. Aghios Ioannis (Άγιος Ιωάννης, Κρήτη) Crete
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Improvised Storage And A Bench. Aghios Ioannis (Άγιος Ιωάννης, Κρήτη) Crete

15-10-2009 · Comments (10)
Categories: Crete  Fuji 160S  Hasselblad SWC/M  

This was an interesting crate. Is that a man thing? It was deep and seemed infinately useful even though I had no idea what I would use it for. I assumed that this was not what it was made for. I also feel that I am worrying a little too much about it. It was a sparse room with an abundance of mosquitoes. I wanted to climb into it as it reminded me of 'Bill & Ben the Flowerpot Men'.
The village is Aghios Ioannis (Άγιος Ιωάννης) I have been there many times. It's tiny, but, I always seem to find something worth photographing! Here's an aerial view of Aghios Ioannis (Άγιος Ιωάννης) and the surrounding area.

He pulls prayer book out of his sleeping bag
Preacher lights up a butt and takes a drag
Waitin' for when the last shall be first and the first shall be last
In a cardboard box 'neath the underpass
Got a one-way ticket to the promised land
You got a hole in your belly and gun in your hand
Sleeping on a pillow of solid rock
Bathin' in the city aqueduct

The highway is alive tonight
But where it's headed everybody knows
I'm sittin' down here in the campfire light
Waitin' on the ghost of Tom Joad

Listening to: "The Ghost Of Tom Joad" (The Ghost of Tom Joad) - Bruce Springsteen

Lois Connor

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