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Experimentation With Degrees Of Blur. London Road East, Bath.
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Experimentation With Degrees Of Blur. London Road East, Bath.

23-09-2009 · Comments (19)
Categories: Hasselblad FlexBody  Instant  

Beautiful autumnal weather here at the moment. It doesn't seem to have rained in over 2 weeks. So as the weather was so good I thought I would drag out a little used camera and try to get my head around its operation. A model would be useful as self portraits can be so time consuming - the focus on this is so damn odd, really quite specific, so the jumping in and out of frame is a real pain in the ass. Anyway, I was quite pleased with the few Polaroids I took. More to follow.

Don't doubt yourself, babe
Let your feet stand up
For your beliefs babe

I know what's running through your mind
You think you ought to capture time
Make love walk the straight and narrow

Don't doubt yourself, gal
Let what's inside be your guide
You know darn well

For all the wrongs been done to you
Is makin' you prettier so don't be blue
The life you've lived
And what you've been through you're lucky

Listening to: "Don't Doubt Yourself, Babe" (Mr. Tambourine Man) - The Byrds

Nyra Lang

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