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Distracted And Caught In The Act! Bath Abbey Churchyard, Bath.
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Distracted And Caught In The Act! Bath Abbey Churchyard, Bath.

02-09-2009 · Comments (14)
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More old people tomfoolery! These ladies were together, but, the business of stuffing ice-cream seemed far more important than anything else. It was tricky taking a candid photo here as they were against a wall - I had to just point the damn camera right at them. Luckily, ice cream was more important than life! The Bath Abbey Churchyard where this was taken is always full of delightful distractions, so they were far busier looking at those than me shoving a camera in their faces! If you like views and stuff, here is an aerial view of the Abbey Churchyard and the surrounding area.

David Sedaris reads one of his funniest and most affecting stories
from his book Naked before a live audience.
As an adolescent boy, David feared he might be a homosexual.
He explains how his secret plan was to win the lottery
and then hire doctors who would purge him of his homosexual impulses.
Sometimes kids in his class at school would taunt the boys they thought were sissies,
and when they did, he tried to be the loudest and meanest.
He figured if he didn't act that way, they'd all turn on him next.
Then he goes away to summer camp and meets a boy named Pete,
who seems like an outsider in the same way he is.
At first they get close. Then Pete turns on him.

Listening to: "This American Life" - The Cruelty of Children

Levi Wedel

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