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Driftless: Seven Days Wandering The Byways of Rural Iowa, USA.
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Driftless: Seven Days Wandering The Byways of Rural Iowa, USA.

27-08-2009 · Comments (16)
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Taken in Iowa. I have no idea where. Iowa is pretty rural and it would appear that way of life is slowly dying. If you are interested then visit the link below and look at some wonderful images and documentary film.

Life in Iowa can be punishing. Many Iowans expend their lives sweating over soil and spilling the blood of livestock; they endure the hardships associated with a life inextricably bound to the ups and downs of nature. Today, those challenges and a shift in our nation's economy have pushed the youth of rural communities to migrate to the metropolises of America. Those left in the wake of this out-migration continue their lives, seemingly unchanged from the generations that preceded them, and entombed in obscurity.

The tension of contemporary rural life plays out here: the struggle of a family farm to continue, disenfranchised youth, the slaughterhouse, migrant labor, and the aged fading from Iowa's mythical landscape. Through their stories we gain insight to a way of life that is disappearing, a culture that could be lost forever.

As "community" continues to be homogenized in zones of urban sprawl across the globe, we must consider all that we are losing—development should not come at the expense of more fragile communities.

"Driftless is Frazier's document about rural Iowa.
His home.... Years of working, walking, photographing,
carefully making notes, names, places.
Inhabitants: Farmers, Migrant Workers, their families, Hunters,
Churches, Trailers, Storms, Open Fields, Sunday Night....
Passionate photographs without sentimentality....
His work reaches out: let me tell your story, it is important.
Frazier's work will survive—his book will be the foundation for more to come...."

Robert Frank's forward in Driftless: Stories from Iowa by Danny Wilcox Frazier.

Watching: Driftless: Stories from Iowa by Danny Wilcox Frazier.

Danny Wilcox Frasier

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