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'4 X' Ben In A Wooden Crate. Kuwait Project. St. Philip's Marsh, Bristol
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'4 X' Ben In A Wooden Crate. Kuwait Project. St. Philip's Marsh, Bristol

16-08-2009 · Comments (14)
Categories: Holga  Kodak Portra 400VC  

OK, a shot from a while ago. My first paid commercial shoot! Not one of the official shots. This is Ben, a super nice guy who was our model for the day. This photo was in a warehouse we were shooting in. The Holga shots taken that day were never supposed to be part of of the 'official' shoot, but, they ended up being really good. The number 4 is on a sheet of glass and was bloody heavy! At the outset it didn't seem that heavy but we could really see it taking it's toll as the day progressed. I must say Ben maintained good humour throughout, which I must say I would have found difficult! The shoot was in Bristol, about 15 miles or so from where I live. I will post some of the official shots from the shoot as and when I can be assed. For those with a love of maps here is an aerial view of the Feeder Canal area of Bristol.

Kay McDonald, who raised a daughter named Sue, and Mary Miller, who raised a daughter named Marti.
In 1994, Mary Miller wrote letters to Sue and Marti, confessing the secret she'd kept for 43 years:
the daughters had been switched at birth and raised by the wrong families.
This week's entire show is devoted to the story of Mary Miller's secret and what happened when
both families finally learned the truth.

Listening to: "This American Life" - Switched At Birth

Robert Adams

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