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The Self Replicating Gene Pool. Terrace Walk (Bog Island) Bath.
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The Self Replicating Gene Pool. Terrace Walk (Bog Island) Bath.

12-08-2009 · Comments (14)
Categories: Hip  Holga  Kodak BW400CN  

More jiggery-pokery from the dark world of Holga hip shots! I was taken with the sour faces of these two ladies - perhaps mother and daughter? They certainly seem to be mirroring each other in many ways. The whole process of the hip shot is interesting, people just seem to take no notice of the camera if it's not lifted to the eye. I guess we are all conditioned to the camera being at the face for an image to be recorded - have it at waist height and you are largely ignored. Even if they hear the click they rule out me as the culprit. Just perfect I say.
The photo is taken in Terrace Walk, Bath. Locally known as Bog Island - the name has been around for years, the seats are located on a pedestrian island with underground toilets, hence, Bog Island! The bogs closed a long time ago and were then turned into a nightclub, that also closed many years ago. Just the entrances to this underground wonder remains! For those with an interest here is an aerial shot of Bog Island and the surrounding area.

Southbound Jericho parkway
Is what you call a one-way street.
Southbound Jericho parkway
Is what you call a one-way street.
At twenty after seven, Monday after New Year,
Mister Henry Johnson
leaned against the pedal
Aimed his Lincoln steady
and drove himself into a wall.

How could a thing
such as this ever happen?
All the community
said it was a shame
He was a good man,
he was a clean man. yeah,
that was it: he was a good, clean man
And his landlady said
he was an exemplary tenant.
They're always nice and quiet
when they're all alone at his age.

Listening to: "Southbound Jericho Parkway" - Roy Orbison

Mark Duffy

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