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Shooting Hoops Under Thripti. Pachia Ammos (Παχειά Άμμος, Κρήτη) Crete.
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Shooting Hoops Under Thripti. Pachia Ammos (Παχειά Άμμος, Κρήτη) Crete.

25-07-2009 · Comments (16)
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I'm gonna ache tomorrow. 5 hours of bloody hedge cutting is not my idea of a fun Saturday afternoon. I really don't consider myself that old, but, I have to say, these days lugging those petrol hedge trimmers around above shoulder height really gets me. I don't think I have felt quite so weary in many a year. I'd really like some kind of walled courtyard with no hedges and no grass. I potter really rather well.

The photo is from the last trip to Crete. Basketball is big in Greece and yet on this trip I seemed to come across a lot of run down, damaged and basically disused basketball pitches courts. Perhaps that's why it is big and yet they are not world champions or stuff. I have no idea what Greece's success is on the basketball pitch so don't give me a hard time! It was taken close to the village of Pachia Ammos (Παχειά Άμμος) for those with an interest here is an aerial view of Pachia Ammos (Παχειά Άμμος) and the surrounding area.

I was lucky enough last week to have my photos featured over at Lenscratch. The blog of Aline Smithson. It is a great honour to be featured there and if you are a lover of photography I would urge you to take a look as there are some inspirational photographers featured over there. Perhaps whilst you are about it take a look at Aline's site as well. She is a great photographer in her own right.
A few weeks back I was also interviewed over at PetaPixel. Not something I was relishing as I find answering questions about myself a little difficult, but, it went okay. I have also had a little nod over at Ilovethatphoto. Well chuffed!

Horses in my dreams
Like waves, like the sea
They pull out of here
They pull, they are free

Rode a horse round the world
Along the tracks of a train
Broke the record, found the gold
Set myself free again

Listening to: "Horses In My Dreams" (Stories From The City, Stories From The Sea) - P J Harvey

Jennifer Greenburg

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