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A failed Heart Perhaps. The Motel Xenia, Amnisos (Αμνίσος, Κρήτη) Crete
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A failed Heart Perhaps. The Motel Xenia, Amnisos (Αμνίσος, Κρήτη) Crete

02-06-2009 · Comments (15)
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A return to Crete and a return to an old favourite of mine the Motel Xenia...derelict and beautiful. I make no apologies, goodness knows how many times I have visited now...I love the place and feel good documenting it before it disappears. This was the first time that I have found this room open. Obviously a boiler room of some description. I guess as it slowly decays so it reveals more of itself.
Designed by the architect Aris Konstandinidis (1913-1993). He worked for E.O.T (Greek Tourism Board) between 1957-1967. Today the motel just seems to sit and decay beautifully. I was back there at Easter to try and capture more of it's spirit before it is levelled!. I have even managed to find a decent aerial view of the place. So here is a map of the Motel Xenia. The cross shaped building is the centre of the complex.

"All life we work but work is bore,
If life's for livin' what's livin' for"
The Kinks - Oklahoma U.S.A.

Listening to: "The Old Pier" - Vapourboat

Juliana Beasley

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