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A Glance, Prior To An Apology. Grand Parade, Bath, Somerset.
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A Glance, Prior To An Apology. Grand Parade, Bath, Somerset.

03-05-2009 · Comments (21)
Categories: Holga  Kodak BW400CN  

Back from Crete and a departure from the US photos. There are more but thought a little change might be good. I had an amusing incident at Athens airport yesterday, having scanned my camera bag they decided that they wanted a look inside. First of all they wanted to scan both Hasselblads individually and the decided to take a closer look at the bag, so, there were 15 exposed 120 rolls of film over 20 unexposed films, two hasselblads, and exposure meter, cables releases and a multitude of other purely photographic based equipment. So, tyhe guy says "Mmmmm, you have a lot of film here. Are you a photographer." I just wanted to get through, how I resisted any number of comebacks I have no idea.
Oh yeah, the photo, taken on the Holga, which incidentally, I didn't take with me on this trip. The first time since I bought it that I haven't taken it on holiday. I must say, it felt odd. This was taken in Bath just before Crete. The sun was shining and the old people were out in force. Spring was here and so the hip shot was back in! I guess that this wasn't strictly from the hip, more blatantly pointing as you can tell from her expression. The shot was taken on Grand Parade, Bath. I have shot here before but just for the record here is an aerial view of Grand Parade, Bath.

Well we all need reassurance as we play life's game of endurance
Like a nice cup of tea or a cigarette
But don't lean too long on your crutches or you'll fall straight into the clutches
Of those who see free expression as a threat
You don't need a law degree to set your mind and spirit free

So tell me what the hell is normal and who the hell is sane
And why the hell care anyway?
All the dreams that we have had are gonna prove that we're all mad and that's OK

Listening to: "Mastermind" (Regeneration) - The Divine Comedy

Mona Kuhn

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