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Bulk Storage In Blue. Cedar Bridge Road, Winterset, Iowa 52073
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Bulk Storage In Blue. Cedar Bridge Road, Winterset, Iowa 52073

08-04-2009 · Comments (16)
Categories: Fuji Pro 400H  Hasselblad SWC/M  USA  

I'm really enjoying Iowa - or at least my revisiting the place. At the time it sort of felt like exile, but, I have felt like that about a lots of holidays, often enjoying the memory more. This photo takes us back to Winterset, perhaps not the view of Winterset that the town would want to promote but one which I particularly like. I thought the town/city was delightful, I must say - Iowa and I have unfinished business. I thought Winterset the kind of place that I could live, there was a calmness to the place that really was rather special. The people were so very friendly and polite. I really don't have a bad word to say about the place - oh yeah, there was the unnaturally early closing of restaurants, but, that is it really.
This storage facility was on the outskirts of Winterset en-route to Cedar Bridge, one of the covered bridges featured in 'The Bridges of Madison County.' I did visit all of the bridges and enjoyed shooting them, I'm just not sure if I'll post them here. Well, we all like a poke about, so, for those that have an interest here is an aerial view of Winterset, IA and the surrounding area.

Oh, how can my giving find the rhythm and the time of you
Unless you sing your songs to me
The smell of your sweet skin does entangle my dream
Oh may I stand here awhile living your smile

Oh, how could you ever know what you've done
You warmed my heart when I was so all alone
But all I have to give
Are my dreams of coming and going forever
Inside the rivers of time you'll find me waiting
For you to find peace in your mind
So we can love again

Listening to: "Love From Room 109 At The Islander" (Happy Sad) - Tim Buckley

Scott Peterman

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