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61 Drive-In Theatre, Highway 61 South, Maquoketa, IA 52037
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61 Drive-In Theatre, Highway 61 South, Maquoketa, IA 52037

05-04-2009 · Comments (23)
Categories: Fuji Pro 400H  Hasselblad SWC/M  USA  

More from the drive-in and more from the business end of the set-up. Or at least part of it. It was so bloody cold I had a wander around the place before I bothered getting the cameras out. This shot struck me right away - as I looked at it a huge truck went by, bright red, the only vehicle in shot - perfect. So I had a wander then went to get the cameras - set myself up here and waited - I'm not sure how long I waited for another truck, I just wanted one truck, alone! I was concerned I'd not be able to hold the damn camera steady I was shaking that much. It was a white truck that eventually that broke the stalemate - there was no way on earth I was waiting for a particular colour!
Taken as the photo illustrates at the 61 Drive-In Theatre which is situated, surprise, surprise on U.S. Route 61. The drive-in is situated close to the city of Maquoketa, Iowa. I really can't tell you much about the city as I didn't visit it. As it was, I drove by the drive-in twice without stopping which goes against my photo rules. So, with one day left I decided I'd get my ass back there to take a few shots. I picked a bitterly cold day and could only stay out of the car for 5 minutes at a time. It was the first time I had wandered around a drive-in. There isn't much there really, just the screen and the projection room, which is all you need I guess. This particular one you tuned to a certain radio frequency to listen to the soundtrack - I have no idea if that is general practice.
So, there are a few more of the place that will appear from time to time but at least this one identifies it for you. For those with an interest, here is an aerial view of the 61 Drive-In and the surrounding area. It would appear that the drive-in is situated on the old U.S. Route 61, which would account for why the road went nowhere!

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Aaron Ruell

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