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Stranded At The
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Stranded At The "Home Of The Friendly Ducks." Mallard, Iowa, USA.

18-03-2009 · Comments (22)
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So, back to 'bloody Iowa.' I say that with affection, I must say. It was big and it was flat but there seemed to be a heart beating that I really liked. I'm not sure where I had come from, nor, where I was going when i stopped to take this. I do know it was cold and I was losing the light. I was also pondering accommodation and eating - eating was an issue I must say. I like to eat late and it seemed for the whole trip I was finding restaurants that were closing at 9pm, which meant I was eating at 8. One Sunday, all restaurants were closing at 8. It was hardly worth getting out of bed - yeesh! I guess that's the nature of the beast, small rural communities with no reason to stay open late. Certainly not for some idiot Brit.
Oh, yeah, the town - no, city! Mallard, Iowa. It would appear "Home of the friendly ducks." Or so the website says! I have no idea why, I saw no live ducks or dead ducks and certainly no ducks offered for consumption. I think I would have noticed that as I adore duck. I found this oil truck tucked away out of the cold on the edge of Mallard, the scene seemed to say much about how I saw Iowa. I may give the impression that I have had enough of the state, but, no. I'd love to return when the fields are full of corn and the sun is warm. Mallard may be the "Home of the friendly ducks." But, the title of "Mallard Capital of the World" sits squarely on the shoulders of Hanover, Illinois. In real terms I guess Mallard and Hanover really aren't that far apart. I guess that Mallard are big in this Tri-State region. Here is an aerial view of Mallard, IA and the surrounding area.

Sometimes I get this crazy dream
That I just drive off in my car
But you can travel on ten thousand miles and still say where you are
I've been thinking that I should quit disk jockeying
And start that record store
Maybe I could settle down if you'ld take me back once more

OK Honey, I see
I guess he's better than me
Sure, Old Girl, I understand
You don't have to worry, I'm such a happy man

Listening to: "W.O.L.D." (Short Stories) - Harry Chapin

Natalie Young

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