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North Side Cafe, 61 W Jefferson Street, Winterset, Iowa, 50273
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North Side Cafe, 61 W Jefferson Street, Winterset, Iowa, 50273

07-03-2009 · Comments (18)
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Another from my little trip taken in Winterset, Iowa and in particular the Northside Cafe. The place has been operating since 1928, in a building built in 1876. It was also featured in the 1995 film The Bridges of Madison County starring Clint Eastwood and Meryl Streep. Obviously it was picked for its interior which does seem stuck in the 1960s beautifully. Winterset is also the birth place of John Wayne. I spent a couple of days in Winterset and found it to be utterly charming. There was a calmness about the place that I found very appealing and the people were so polite and friendly. I found Iowa as a state enjoyable in a very rural way, flat as a witches tit, but very nice. They seem to be big on corn there but as I was there in February there was precious little of that either. So, it was flat and there was stubble in abundance, but, I enjoyed it. I have marked on this aerial view of Winterset approximately where the Nothside Cafe is.

I'm not sure when I last posted a digital shot on here. Probably way back when I started it I guess. So here is a snap from my iphone, it was pretty dark inside and all I had with me was the Holga so I fired off a few with the phone. In fact I used it quite a lot on the trip and found the quality good. It was mainly so I could email images home right away, so largely the shots I took with it are duplicates of my film shots. The few I took in the cafe though are all I have. I like 'em, so they'll go up here as and when.

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