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In Fear Of Death Or Worst!  Bald Knob Cross, Alto Pass, Illinois, USA.
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In Fear Of Death Or Worst! Bald Knob Cross, Alto Pass, Illinois, USA.

03-03-2009 · Comments (23)
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Nothing much to say really. It's a cross, it's big - very big.

Located near the bluffs at Alto Pass, one can find the sign to Bald Knob at the end of the town. It locates one of North America's largest Christian monuments. Being twenty-two square feet at the base, sixteen square feet on the top, one hundred eleven feet tall, and sixty-three feet across, Bald Knob Cross is one of southern Illinois' finest works of architecture. The cross is made of porcelain steel panels and is engineered to withstand winds up to one-hundred-fifty miles per hour.
The history of the Bald Knob Cross is said to be a miracle by some people. In 1936 Rev. William Lirely and postman Wayman Presley began first discussing an ideal spot for an Easter sunrise service when both agreed that Bald Knob, the tallest point around, would be the best spot. The very next year they held their first Easter service there, and, as it became an annual tradition to which more and more people showed up, Wayman Presley started to develop a new dream. In 1938 the first wooden cross had been put up on Bald Knob. By 1945 all three wooden crosses had been put on display, but Presley wanted to build a permanent cross on site as well. By the early 1950s the land had been purchased and Presley was raising funds for the proposed cross and designing the cross.
Finally with enough money to be able to support the cross, the ground on Bald Knob was broken March 30, 1959. The cross was not finished until 1963 and a decade later a Save the Cross Committee was formed. A few years later, in 1976, the Cross of Peace Foundation was also organized.
If you have an interest in the crosses proximity to this, that and the other then here is an ariel view of the area.

I fucked up again
I barely know where I am
I'm sorry I ain't called you in days
Maybe I'll never get over Wes and the hospital
And now I don't even have bus fare home
I'm lost in this world

Maybe it's my skin it's too thin
maybe it's my heart that always caves in
But I fucked up again I barely know who I am
I'm sorry for all the things I haven't done
I'm just lost in this world.

Listening to: "Lost In This World" (Thirteen Cities) - Richmond Fontaine

Jeff Charbonneau and Eliza French

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