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Set To Rise Like A Phoenix. The Minoan Prince Hotel, Ierapetra, Crete.
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Set To Rise Like A Phoenix. The Minoan Prince Hotel, Ierapetra, Crete.

11-01-2009 · Comments (20)
Categories: Crete  Hasselblad SWC/M  Kodak Portra 160VC  

Another shot from the locked up and empty Minoan Prince Hotel, situated just east of Ierapetra (Ιεράπετρα) on the south coast of Crete. I have been exploring this place on and off for a few years and on a few of the visits managed to get inside. On the last trip in November it was locked up - probably not as a result of my having got in, as I didn't touch a thing, but, I guess it is full of very usable items that need protecting. So, for now I have been locked out, perhaps I'll find it open on subsequent visits. This shot is from the summer of 2008. The odd things is, that even this place has been closed for quite a few years, there is still a working web site. It's kind of fun to go over and see what it was like when it was up and running. For those of you with an interest here is an aerial view as well. I will periodically check to see what is going there, I guess I have 3 or 4 more shots that I may put up at some stage, but, for now I'll draw a line under this project and move on to pastures new.

When the iceberg hit
Oh, they must have known
God moves on the water
Like Casey Jones
So I walked downtown
On my telephone
And took a lazy turn
Through the redeye zone
It was a five-band bill
A two-dollar show
I saw the van out in front
From Idaho
And the girl passed out
In the backseat trash
There was no way they'd make
Even a half a tank of gas
They looked sick and stoned
And strangely dressed
No one showed
From the local press
But I watched 'em walk
Through the bottom land
And I wished I played
In a rock 'n' roll band
Hey, hey
It was the fourteenth day of April
Well they closed it down
With the sails in rags
And the swept up the fags
And the local rags
Threw the plastic cups
In the plastic bags
And the cooks cleaned the kitchen
With the staggers and the jags
Ruination day
And the sky was red
I went back to work
And back to bed
And the iceberg broke
And the Okies fled
And the Great Emancipator
Took a bullet in the back of the head...

Listening to: "April The 14th (Part 1)" (Time - The Revelator) - Gillian Welch

Richard Renaldi

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