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Green Dresser And Unwanted Items. Anatoli (Ανατολή, Κρήτη) Crete.
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Green Dresser And Unwanted Items. Anatoli (Ανατολή, Κρήτη) Crete.

28-12-2008 · Comments (19)
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Well, there seems to be a never-ending build up to it then zap! It's over and you are left wondering what all the damn fuss was about. Still, if whatever you did, was what you wanted to do, then that is good. I guess that it's all down hill to mid-summers day now.
The photos is from the last trip to Crete and from the village of Anatoli (Ανατολή), a place I have visited on a number of occasions and the more I poke around the more I find. It was funny on this trip, I had a few places that I visited last time that upon reflection needed to be re-visited and a few extra shots taken, it was not to be, what had been apparently abandoned obviously hadn't been as I found the premises chained up. Perhaps they has sensed I had been there, not sure. It did feel kind of odd though. Anatoli (Ανατολή) is situated high above the south coast of Crete and so has wonderful views, for those with the interest here is the aerial view of Anatoli (Ανατολή).

The tune is the 1966 hit 'Sitting In The Park' by Georgie Fame from the album 'Sweet Things' from the same year. An equally nice but different version had been released the previous year by Billy Stewart. The footage in the video is from the 1961 film A Taste of Honey, starring Dora Bryan, Rita Tushingham and Murray Melvin. It was the first play by Shelagh Delaney. Originally intended as a novel it premièred in a small fringe theatre in London in 1958. It later transferred to the larger more renowned Wyndham's Theatre in the West End in 1959.

Sitting in the park waiting for you

Yes I'm sitting right here
Waiting for you my dear
Wondering if you're even gonna show
I don't know you're gonna show
And my darling gotta know
Nevertheless I said you got me waiting

Sitting in the park waiting for you

Sitting here on the bench
With my back against the fence
Wondering if I've got any sense at all
Something tells me I'm a fool
Let you treat me so cruel
Nevertheless I said you got me waiting

Sitting in the park waiting for you

Listening to: "Sitting In The Park" (Sweet Things) - Georgie Fame

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