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Eyes Only For The Busker. Bath Abbey Churchyard, Bath.
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Eyes Only For The Busker. Bath Abbey Churchyard, Bath.

11-12-2008 · Comments (16)
Categories: Diana+  Kodak Portra 400VC  

This is or was Ammy, I think the spelling is correct! Taken back in the summer with the Diana+. I had seen her a number of time selling ice cream from a stall and thought how lovely she was - I sort of felt awkward asking her for a photo (weird 50 year old guy) so I didn't. Anyway, on this particular day I was in the Bath Abbey churchyard soaking up a bit of sun and listening to the buskers when she suddenly appeared - pretty much doing as I was, although I think she had a bit of an eye for the busker. I decided to ask her for a photo. She kind of gave me an odd look but said yes. I compounded the problem, in my head anyway by explaining that I knew where she worked (pervert). Anyway, cute is cute whatever age you are - that is right?
Yeah always maps of Bath but for those that enjoy them, here is an aerial shot of Bath Abbey Churchyard.

The music today (link below) is from the album The Marvelettes, affectionately known as the Pink Album. The band being The Marvelettes. During their eight-year run on the Billboard charts, the group scored nineteen top forty American R&B singles and ten top forty American pop singles. Of these hits, three were top ten pop singles and nine were top ten R&B singles, and one, "Please Mr. Postman," was number one on both charts. The album was released in 1967 as was this single The Hunter Gets Captured by the Game. The footage I have put the tune to is from the 1966 film Blow-Up staring David Hemmings. The film is directed by Michelangelo Antonioni and was inspired by the short story "Las Babas del Diablo" ("The Droolings of the Devil") by Argentinian writer Julio Cortázar, and by the work, habits, and mannerisms of Swinging London photographer David Bailey.

Also be sure to check out my photographer link below. Justin James Reed, and in particular the series Westward.

Everyday things change
And the world puts on a new face
Certain things rearrange
And this whole world seems like a new place

Oh yeah, secretly I've been trailin' you
Like a fox that prays on the rabbit
I had to get you and so I knew
I had to learn your ways and your habits

Ooooh, you were the catch that I was after
But I looked up, and I was in your arms
And I knew I had been captured

What's this whole world comin' to
Things just ain't the same
Anytime the hunter...
Gets captured by the game

Oh yeah!!

Oh yeah, I had laid such a tender trap
Hoping you might fall into it
But love hit me like a sudden slap
One kiss, and then I knew it

Ooooh, my plan didn't work out like I thought
I had laid my trap for you
But it seems that I got caught

What's this whole world comin' to
Things just ain't the same
Anytime the hunter...
Gets captured by the game

Oh yeah, Oh yeah!!

Listening to: "The Hunter Gets Captured By The Game" (The Marvelettes) - The Marvelettes

Justin James Reed

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