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"Happiness Is A Dry Martini And A Good Woman... Or A Bad Woman."

22-10-2008 · Comments (29)
Categories: Hasselblad FlexBody  Instant  

OK, I best start out by saying I really am not the miserable bastard that this photo seems to portray! I am a happy bunny, full of love and goodness. OK, I know I may have over exaggerated the happy pill but I really don't go around looking like this. I was trying out a new camera with Polaroid (instant) film and some crazy long cable release. My expression was bound to slip....oh, the Martini glass, it really was full of iced water! Or was it Gin? So, the camera is a recent purchase and I have to say I haven't played with it as I should so this shot really doesn't show its true potential! Hasselblad FlexBody is the camera and quite interesting to use even though I have been a lazy SOB and not used it. Taken at home where for now I feel most comfortable with my self portraits.
On a slightly different note and just for those that have an interest, I am still in shorts, just! I think I am only days away from the jump to grown up trousers! I will be going to Crete early in November so it would be good to last but I get the feeling I will not. So this weekend the clock change......that's it, next stop Christmas.

There is a restless weight upon me
In the shape of things to come
And the wrapped up paper flowers
Have left my life undone

What were the words once told to me
Or the promises left unmet
And the end to all the simple things
That we promised to never forget

When I felt the hand upon me
I thought I'd shaken all that I could feel
I don't need someone to tell me
That none of it was real

As I felt the darkness gather
And the silence settle there
And the many faces that surrounded me
In the dark and silent air

Listening to: "The Hand" (A Place Where I Know) - Paula Frazer

Richard Renaldi

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