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The Future Always Lives In Mirrors. Houmeriakos (Χουμεριάκος, Κρήτη) Crete
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The Future Always Lives In Mirrors. Houmeriakos (Χουμεριάκος, Κρήτη) Crete

20-10-2008 · Comments (18)
Categories: Crete  Fuji 160C  Hasselblad SWC/M  

A while back I was periodically zapped with a barrage of spam, on the whole I seem to have dealt with that, until I got home form work today. Holy shit, I logged on and hundreds of the swine's appeared! As fast as I deleted and dealt with they re-appeared! God it was like a flashback to a previous life. I eventually got on top of it on the server side. It will be interesting to see if this assault is on a timer and if the same time tomorrow the bastards arrive again to do their worst with me! The thing is they serve no purpose other than devilment! There were no attachments, no directions to do anything just a heap of shite frankly! One day, when I'm in charge of the Internet I'll cut the balls off of such people - I assume these are teenage boys that really would be better occupied with wanking really. At least that has some purpose!

OK, back to Crete and the village of Houmeriakos (Χουμεριάκος) A place I visit often but haven't taken photos for many years so it was nice to re-visit! An odd one this as I gained entry to this house, not secure I hasten to add so didn't really think that I was dong anything terrible! Anyway Jan waited outside and it soon became apparent I was trapped. There was a guy on an adjoining roof who was taking a lot of interest in Jan and why she was hanging around the back lanes of this tiny village. There was nothing I could do in the end other than make sure i had the shots then come out and bullshit in my worst Greek, shrug my shoulders and not look back as I wandered off! Seemed to work, I think. I usually am most careful about upsetting anyone and this was my first close call, ah well! So if you would like to see Houmeriakos (Χουμεριάκος) here is an aerial view of the area.

something's in the water
besides a moon that don't know when to quit
spine waits to feel the shiver
right now deals with a great lack of it

way up in the high desert,
or down in anywhere France
trains were built to remedy
tracks laid out, at least give us half a chance

to deliver
deliver a shiver

forget age and well like some treasured splendour
with words just so strong and a touch just so tender
is it better off beyond description?
left alone in a dark room with a mouth full of prescription

Unable to deliver, unable to understand
the deliver of shiver

so you take your time
and you take your leave
ready to do without
ready to receive

never mind, gonna find good love down by the river
might as well find your spine
the shiver

there's something in the water besides a moon that don't know when to quit

c'mon and deliver
c'mon and deliver
the shiver

Listening to: "Shiver" (Chore Of Enchantment) - Giant Sand

Joshua Lutz

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