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Two Heads Are Always Better Than One.  M32 Motorway , Eastville, Bristol
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Two Heads Are Always Better Than One. M32 Motorway , Eastville, Bristol

18-10-2008 · Comments (16)
Categories: Holga  Kodak Portra 400VC  

OK Guys, it's World Toy Camera Day and as such you should be wandering around all day with at least one piece of film shooting crap in your hand. Then, if you don't already know you should be going over and dribbling at the prospects presented for you at the wonderful World Toy Camera Day Flickr site, and then at some stage in the next week once you have had all of that goodness developed and you have quitted dribbling you should also join Toy Camera Day 2008 also over at Flickr and upload the pick of the bunch and feel smug. Now none of the above are options they are the law! Now quit messin' around and go do it or I'll send the boys around ok?
Also, I think I can say without fear of contradiction that ALL people that shoot with crappy cameras are nice....so if you have a personality disorder and need it sorting chuck the Prozac or Lithium in the bin and go buy yourself a crappy camera, the transformation will be nothing short of miraculous. You'll suddenly find you have the ability to interact with people and you will be universally loved.

OK, so here is a shot from the shoot the other day and the second location of the day under the M32 in Eastville, Bristol. You have met Ben before this was an unintentional double, not sure what happened really. I was using the Holga with flash as we were under a motorway bridge and it was pretty dark and scanky down there. In fact I wasn't totally convinced that we would be robbed of all our camera equipment any second! Anyway, I wasn't really supposed to be shooting the Holga but couldn't resist it and it worked rather well with the cheapo flash strapped to the top! The thing that Ben is holding is a large sheet of glass with the number 4 on it, mirrored to reflect the light and stuff. You can't really see it form this shot but as and when I post any of the others it will become more obvious. It was easy to forget about poor Ben carrying this damn sheet of glass around all day so occasionally we would suddenly be aware that perhaps we ought to relieve him of it (not relieve him literally) for a short time. The shoot was in Bristol, about 15 miles or so from where I live. For those with a love of maps then here is an aerial view of the area it was shot.

You've got me, tripping out
Tripping out over you babe

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Amy Stein

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