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Love, Warmth, Water, TV & Patriotism. Papadiana (Παπαδιανά, Κρήτη) Crete.
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Love, Warmth, Water, TV & Patriotism. Papadiana (Παπαδιανά, Κρήτη) Crete.

15-10-2008 · Comments (15)
Categories: Crete  Fuji 160S  Hasselblad SWC/M  

It's odd, I have never minded the post processing of images, I generally find it rather relaxing and seeing the image take shape even with minor adjustments has always made me feel good. But the last week I have been gradually working my way through the 20+ images from my commercial shoot. As I say it's not the processing, hell I'm happy to be doing it as it means the job was a success, but, as all the shots were taken in two locations I have been confronted with very similar shots, to the point where I swear the same imperfections are showing up from shot to shot even though they are different frames, also dust appearing in the spotting process seems to be in the same damn place as well...or perhaps I'm just loosing it slowly! Any how, it has been interesting to see what my tolerance level is and it would appear it's not very high. So almost done with them, it will be interesting to see them in their final positions on web pages etc.

And so to a new village, the tiny village of Papadiana (Παπαδιανά) and I think I only took the one shot. Another one of those occasions when I arrived at the wrong time of day really. I got a little worried that I was gonna get confronted wandering here and there. The dogs seemed very sensitive and were bloody barking with my every move. It didn't help that it was as hot as hell and I was barely able to move anyway. Still, I did come across this delightful little scene, I almost took the flag, god knows why must be the Magpie in me. I have no use for these things but yet I still pick them up. So new village new map, here As always here is an aerial view of the area.

I live out yonder where the snakes and scorpions run
Got myself a little goldmine to bank on
But one day my heart sank when I saw madame in town
I knew her love would be the death of mine

L'amour passait, l'amour obsolète
Pourquoi perdre sa vie à chercher l'or d'un coeur?
Je ne me noierai pas dans ce désert mystique
Je ferme mes comptes et je repars

Do me a favor while I'm hanging here
Take this gold and go and hide
Ne gigote pas, chéri, sur ta corde pendu
Don't worry I'll be free in no time

She promised me she would be there when I'd return
She didn't say she'd have a whole army there as well
She whispered, "j'taime baby" as she fired that gun at me
I should've stayed way out yonder
Better off with the scorpions and snakes
Every act which has no heart will be found out in the end
Guess I'm a little late this time
Cause her love would be the death of mine

Listening to: "The Ballad Of Cable Hogue" (Hot Rail) - Calexico

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