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Ben Stretching Between Shots, Kuwait Project. St. Philip's Marsh, Bristol
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Ben Stretching Between Shots, Kuwait Project. St. Philip's Marsh, Bristol

07-10-2008 · Comments (10)
Categories: Holga  Kodak Portra 400VC  

I can thankfully report that all negatives were exposed properly and all photos seem pretty good. Danny has seen a quick batch or resized images and is please. Pheew! I was worried, for no real reason other than suddenly something mattered. I know I take a stack of images when in Crete etc but at the end of the day it really doesn't matter if I "fuck up", disappointing of course but it doesn't really matter. These did for various reasons so a sigh of relief was breathed. All scanned and they look cool so gradually working my way through them.

OK, so here is a shot from the shoot the other day. Not one of the official shots. This is Ben, a super nice guy who was our model for the day. This photo was in a warehouse we were shooting in. The odd pose is due to the fact most of the time he was required to carry a rather large sheet of glass with a logo on. At the outset it didn't seem that heavy but we could really see it taking it's toll as the day progressed. It was easy to forget about poor Ben carrying this damn sheet of glass. So here he is doing a few stretches in between shots. The shoot was in Bristol, about 15 miles or so from where I live. I may post some of the official shots from the shoot once cleared with Dan For those with a love of maps then here is an aerial view of the Feeder Canal area of Bristol.

For your pleasure
In our present state
Part false part true
Like anything
We present ourselves

The words we use tumble
All over your shoulder
Gravel hard and loose

There all night lying
With your dark horse hiding
Abhorring such extremes

You're rubbing shoulders
With the stars at night
Shining so bright
Getting older
But you'll wake up soon
And fight

In the morning
Things you worried about
Last night...

Will seem lighter
I hope things
Will turn out right

Old man
Through every step a change
You watch me walk away
Tara tara....

Listening to: "For Your Pleasure" (For Your Pleasure) - Roxy Music

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