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Five Pieces Of A Past Life In 3D. Anatoli (Ανατολή, Κρήτη) Crete.
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Five Pieces Of A Past Life In 3D. Anatoli (Ανατολή, Κρήτη) Crete.

05-10-2008 · Comments (22)
Categories: Crete  Fuji 160C  Hasselblad SWC/M  

Well, I guess there might be a few of you wondering how the shoot went? I guess it has to be judged by results and I won't see them until Monday. The day was really good as well as a fun and full day, shooting in a couple of locations. I had never done anything like it before so I hope to god I didn't mess up. Danny needs the shots by the middle of the week so I need to get my finger out tomorrow and get scanning! So you'll have to wait a tad longer for the final verdict.
I slept like the dead Friday night I guess as a result of the day, it was good to get a bit of a lay in I must say. Weather awful, films in to be developed and a lot of drinking I seem to remember. I also had high hopes of taking some photos but that seems to have evaporated, perhaps tomorrow.

Another shot from the village of Anatoli (Ανατολή). It seems this last trip ever house I wandered into was just begging to be photographed. I have no idea what happened with this shot, it seems to have taken on some odd 3D effect. I really have done very little to it and yet the bowl has taken on a life of its own, very odd. As always for those with an interest here is an aerial view of Anatoli (Ανατολή).

I will wat for you in the green, green spaces,
Wearing our post-industrial faces.
Side by side sit the trashpile twin,
And the eleventh century ceremonial center of the Misissippian,
With the calender of the sun,
A people undone.

Ceremonial mounds in the backyards and towns,
That's the way it turned out.
A city built up on the other great mound torn down,
That's the way it happened.
A culture on the run,
They vanished in the sun,
The Mississippian.

Forward and on we go,
Building our mounds out of control,
Full of our finest throw away things.
The new Mississippians,
Under a smog choked sun,
Waiting to be undone.

Listening to: "Cahokian" (Terroir Blues) - Jay Farrar

Michael Dörr

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