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The Bare Essentials Of Life, Or At Least Some. Anatoli (Ανατολή, Κρήτη) Crete.
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The Bare Essentials Of Life, Or At Least Some. Anatoli (Ανατολή, Κρήτη) Crete.

22-09-2008 · Comments (14)
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Well I am exhausted from a weekend of merriment! The trip to London on Saturday for Doors Open London 2008. Was a resounding success. Had a poke around a couple of really interesting properties. Also got to see parts of London I would never see if I had to do the driving myself. Our friends did the driving and so we were all over the place...excellent, I would certainly do it again. I guess the only downside was the late drive home, 100+ miles after a tiring day is something you can do without. I think I eventually crawled into bed at 0245.
Sunday was a little more leisurely but I managed to lavish the garden with about 4 hours of well needed attention. I really had let it go so 4 hours was nowhere near enough still it looks better and I feel better for it. More eating and drinking Sunday night. I think I need a rest now, my ageing bones find it more difficult to keep up these days. The weather on both days was just glorious, the Indian summer they have been talking about seems to be happening at the moment.

Another from the last trip and from the village of Anatoli (Ανατολή). It was a village I had visited on numerous occasions over the years but I had never gone looking for interiors. Revisiting these places is an odd feeling when you look at windows and doors etc that you shot 5 years ago and they haven't changed.....still hanging there by a thread. I wandered into this place and was confronted with this delightful scene, so much colour in the greyness of the derelict room. There were a few items that demanded rescuing and a few that will return for. I look upon it as my contribution to Cretan culture and it prevents it ending up in land fill as is normally the case. As always for those with an interest here is an aerial view of Anatoli (Ανατολή).

Que lejos estoy del suelo donde he nacido!
inmensa nostalgia invade mi pensamiento;
y al ver me tan solo y triste qual hoja al viento,
quisiera llorar, quisiera morir de sentimiento.

Oh tierra del sol!, suspiro por verte
ahora que lejos yo vivo sin luz, sin amor;
y al verme tan solo y triste cual hoja al viento,
quisiera llorar, quisiera morir de sentimiento.

Listening to: "Cancion Mixteca" (Paris, Texas) - Ry Cooder

Jessica Todd Harper

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