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A Transparent Dream Beneath An Occasional Sigh. Kritsa (Κριτσά, Κρήτη) Crete
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A Transparent Dream Beneath An Occasional Sigh. Kritsa (Κριτσά, Κρήτη) Crete

02-09-2008 · Comments (18)
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I contemplated not posting today, was gonna leave what's up for another day. I like it and was enjoying it being there but the drive to post took over in the end so I am going to. Well according to the weather gurus yesterday was the first day of autumn in weather terms. Frankly I'm relieved as at least with the autumn comes less expectation. Now my ideal autumn would be misty mornings, cobwebs with moisture hanging to them, perhaps the threat of a frost, turning leaves. You get the picture. Of course we'll probably now get the long awaited summer but I really would sacrifice that for a proper Autumn.

The photo, well it is a little detail from the place I stay whilst in Crete. On the last trip I realised I had been promising myself for many visits to try and take photos of the place before it looks like a dump. Of course this shows you nothing in any real sense, just a marble table and a few collected things but the light was so beautiful. To the left of the scene I look out at this and the sea beyond. If you want to gaze down on me here is an aerial shot of Kritsa (Κριτσά).
Said of Kritsa (Κριτσά) but not by me. Since at least pre-Minoan times, the village of Kritsά has been continuously inhabited. It was reckoned to be in its prime during the Byzantine years. The Arabs devastated it in 823 A.D. and it was rebuilt in 961A.D. Its peak growth was reached during the Frankish period in the 13th and 14th century. It used to be the largest village in Crete during the middle ages. In 1867, it became the headquarters of the municipality which included Krousta, Prina, Kalo Horio, Mardati, Aghios Nikolaos, Mesa Lakonia and Tapes. In 1925 it had its own community, but since 1998 it has comprised one of the 14 precincts of the Municipality of Aghios Nikolaos.

The summer had inhaled and held its breath too long
The winter looked the same, as if it never had gone
And through an open window where no curtain hung
I saw you, I saw you, comin' back to me
One begins to read between the pages of a look
The shape of sleepy music, and suddenly you're hooked
Through the rain upon the trees, that kisses on the run
I saw you, I saw you, comin' back to me

You can't stay and live my way
Scatter my love like leaves in the wind
You always say you want to go away
But I know what it always has been, it always has been

A transparent dream beneath an occasional sigh
Most of the time I just let it go by
Now I wish it hadn't begun
I saw you, yes I saw you, comin' back to me

Strolling the hills overlooking the shore
I realize I've been here before
The shadow in the mist could have been anyone
I saw you, I saw you, comin' back to me

Small things like reasons are put in a jar
Whatever happened to wishes wished on a star?
Was it just something that I made up for fun?
I saw you, I saw you, comin' back to me

Listening to: "Comin' Back To Me" (Surrealistic Pillow) - Jefferson Airplane

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