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Just The Dust To Measure Time. Stavrohori (Σταυροχώρι, Κρήτη) Crete.
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Just The Dust To Measure Time. Stavrohori (Σταυροχώρι, Κρήτη) Crete.

17-08-2008 · Comments (18)
Categories: Crete  Fuji 160C  Hasselblad SWC/M  

My motivation to take photos evaporates completely when the greyness descends on us in the summer. Yesterday had to put the lights on about 2 hours earlier than normal but even worst than that, we put the damn heating on last night! I mean what's happening when in mid August you feel so bloody cold that you need heating, god knows. Perhaps more clothes would be a better option or perhaps just moving south or east or west as right now staying here seems damn awful! Anyway tis dry and grey today so a step in the right direction, I have busied myself in the garden as all this rain has turned it into a damn jungle. Everything seems to have put on about six feet of growth. Anyway, please don't take all that as moaning as if some grumpy old man...purely observation you understand.

So to a new village Stavrohori (Σταυροχώρι) to be exact. A place that I have driven through many times but have never stopped. Turned out to be a great place full of empty places. I arrived just at the wrong time really as it was late afternoon and the village was coming to life following the afternoon siesta. Always a difficult time when you are climbing in and out of empty houses. The heat of midday is best although of course the most uncomfortable. Anyway, managed to snatch a few and will return. This particular place was odd in that it was completely empty other than what you see before you. Why these items and why like this? Anyway, there was also photographic irritation in that it was very windy and the damn table cloth was flapping around and as the exposure was about 8 seconds I had to find something to keep it in place.....nothing! Like the damn place had been hoovered before I arrived. In the end I had to settle for a slither of plaster wedged into one of the joints, took me about 20 minutes to get it right. Think I lost about a stone in weight. OK so that means a new map, so here is an aerial view of the area.

I'm the ghost of the girl in the well
Killed by a man who owned my family
It's been many years since I fell
Still no one has found me

I was fourteen years old when I died
The earth had just turned and the field were alive
So alive

Mister called out to me and I ran
I didn't want to be under him

I'm the ghost of the girl in the well
I was trying to hide when my fingers slipped
In the darkness I cried and I cried
All my tears
Taken by the water

I'm the ghost of the girl in the well
Killed by a man who owned my family

Listening to: "The Ghost Of The Girl In The Well" (Regard The End) - Willard Grant Conspiracy

Patrick Shanahan

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