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A Nod In The Direction Of Lucien Freud. Bath Abbey Churchyard, Bath.
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A Nod In The Direction Of Lucien Freud. Bath Abbey Churchyard, Bath.

15-08-2008 · Comments (17)
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Hate talking weather...well not really, love talking it if the truth be known. I think us Brits do it better than anybody. Well we moan about it more than any damn race I reckon! So we have had a day of sun today but the weather people have punctuated that by telling us that the weekend will be shite, bless their cotton socks. Well if they are right I for one will be sitting on my ever spreading ass and feeding my face with all manner of unhealthy stuff. On the bright side next weekend is a long one with the Monday being a Bank Holiday.....did you see me jump up and down there?
So it's the end of my first full weeks work in over 18 months and I don't think I am really cut out for it. I must have royal blood or something....such a dirty thing to have to do and I have another week to go. Still, the week after will be a 4 day week at 4 hours a day...sorted!

I was going to follow the last image with another of the Minoan Prince Hotel but have decided not to, will spare you for at least another day. Posting always causes pain, god knows why...and I can hear you all saying the same but it does. But, I have decided to return to my occasional series of 'old people shot with plastic from the hip' sort of series. I don't know this ladies name but she was so sweet. At first I thought she was a tourist here for the day but having engaged her in conversation (crafty ploy to get her photo) it turns out we have mutual acquaintances in that she is fairly active with a central Bath church and I work for a homeless charity in the centre of Bath. So the conversation was rather genial with one or two people being the butt of our jokes. I managed to shoot off about 5 shots of her and I have to say feel kind of guilty now as she was so very nice. Anyway I'm sure I'll get over the guilt even if my soul will find no sanctuary in heaven! For you map type people out there here is the usual aerial view of the area.

Oh! Every night I’m dreaming of you and we’re weaving through a crowded room
and I ask you to be my best friend too and then I lose you.
On a steamer with a small-city band I chase you through the room again and you’re gone before the next dance ends

(I don’t what it means) Bad Dreams
but I should do what I want to do and I should dream about whoever I want to dream about
but every night I’m calling out your name and every time you get away.
Oh and I’m damned before I even begin but ill chase you through the room again
and I’ll ask you to be my best best friend and then I lose you.

Listening to: "Bad Dreams" (End Of Amnesia) - M. Ward

Erwin Olaf

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