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All Down Hill From The Summer. Beckington, Somerset.
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All Down Hill From The Summer. Beckington, Somerset.

04-08-2008 · Comments (23)
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Did we all have a nice weekend? Didn't do much but that was good. Jan and I still coughing all manner of stuff up from our lungs even though we feel stacks better. There was a harbour festival in Bristol which is quite close to us but the thought of being crushed and pushed by thousands of people really put us off so we stayed here like miserable old buggers. Sunday has been a busy one with both of us working our sweet asses off in the garden. I think I have cut every hedge to within an inch of it's life so although knackered I have that smug feeling of satisfaction that manual work gives you!

Was going to leave posting until tomorrow, then thought I would post a Cretan shot tonight and slide back into the old habit of late nights. So here I am at 1am having decided against the Cretan shot even though I have bloody adjusted it but have gone for one of the Polaroids I took earlier in the week of a glorious field of sunflowers. I had about 4 Polaroid cameras with film in them that had been loaded for an age so I thought it would be good to get some of them empty! This was shot on Fuji instant film which I must say I love. The colour is wonderful with it and shot on and old Polaroid 103 Land Camera. It still takes a lovely shot even without the control. Anyway, for the record it was taken close to the village of Beckington in Somerset about 9 miles from home. Here is an aerial view Beckington and the surrounding area.

The picture is far too big to look at kid. Your eyes won't open wide enough and
you are constantly surrounded by that swirling stream of what is and what was. Well,
we've all made our predictions but the truth still isn't out. So if you want to see
the future, go stare into a cloud. And keep trying to find your way out of that
maze of memories. It all sort of looks familiar, until you get up close and then
it's different, clearly. But each time you turn a corner, you're right back where you
were and your only hope is that forgetting might make a door appear. Well is it your
fear of being buried that makes you so afraid to speak?

Listening to: "The Big Picture" (Lifted Or The Story Is In The Soil...) - Bright Eyes

Hin Chua

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