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Scrutinising The Outcome Of Events. Grand Parade, Bath, Somerset.
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Scrutinising The Outcome Of Events. Grand Parade, Bath, Somerset.

01-08-2008 · Comments (18)
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OK, so back to work today. My 'man cold' has subsided to a level that a man can manage. Anyway as much as I hate having to work there is no enjoyment being home when it is through sickness.....kinda feels wrong to do anything enjoyable....so I'm back, which is good. Managed to shoot off some Polaroid yesterday in cameras that had been loaded for about 18 months...film was fine! Located a beautiful field of sunflowers...god knows if I will ever post any of them. Bagged a few old people shots after work today, managed to engage a rather lovely elderly women in conversation about the homeless and the church which enabled me to take a few shots.....then the monsoon rains came and trapped me for seemed like hours. Not with her I hasten to add, just in town, so heavy I couldn't get to the bus stop!

Thought for today I would return to my sometimes named 'Old People Shot From The Hip' series. I'm so glad I caught this expression as I kind of engineered the look. There was an ambulance attending to someone at a bus stop a short distance away so when I was ready I mentioned it to these women in the hope they would look...BINGO! I guess I'll have to go careful stalking these oldies or I will have help the aged on me back! I have shot here before but just for the record here is an aerial view of Grand Parade, Bath.

We met by the love-lies-bleeding
In their rows of bright colour, and below the stars
We began a slow dance by the love-lies-bleeding
Over dampness and earth beneath the trees and stars

There, dust was our partner by the love-lies-bleeding
And yearning our torture and the stillness of night
I fell to the darkness by the love-lies-bleeding
For you were not there and I stood there on fire

As the embers cooled slowly by the love-lies-bleeding
My ashes took shape, took shape in the air
We met by the love-lies-bleeding
In their rows of bright colours and below the stars

Listening to: "We Met By The Love-Lies-Bleeding" (A Place Where I Know) - Paula Frazer

Edmund Leveckis

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