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He Suggested Self Prescribing And Left. Kato Horio (Κάτω Χωριό, Κρήτη) Crete.
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He Suggested Self Prescribing And Left. Kato Horio (Κάτω Χωριό, Κρήτη) Crete.

30-07-2008 · Comments (24)
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OK so we're both off of work, coughing and spluttering over each other. Examining the fluids coming from each others bodies to see whose is the greenest! Anyway, Jan is much worst than I. I thought she was over the worst of it as I came down with me man cold and hers has returned with a vengeance. I know she must be ill as she isn't going to work, usually it is only death or something worst that keeps her away. So if you were thinking of popping around for a cup of tea or anything I would advice against it for the time being. It's a messy old business here!

So the photo, this is the inside of a building I photographed a few years ago in the village of Kato Horio (Κάτω Χωριό). At the time I had no idea it was an old chemist. So when I tried to get in on this visit I was over joyed to such wonderful stuff. The main store was the most exciting with all its wonderful bottles and medicines. But the rest of the building was also great with diaries and pharmaceutical books lying around. Damn it was hot in there - I think I shall have to return at some stage and rescue some of those wonderful bottles - after I have taken more shots of course. Map? Well here is an aerial view of Kato Horio (Κάτω Χωριό). Sorry I can't tell you exactly where the place is...I haven't finished as yet!

We slept in this morning and she had to get ready in a hurry - no time for her usual attention
to detail - and she ran out the door, slamming it behind her, leaving her keys swinging and jangling.
I stayed in bed until I heard the downstairs door shut, then peeked through the blinds and as soon as
she was out of sight, I went for the keys. She never tried to make a secret of the box or the fact it
was locked or even where she kept it. But as I said at the time - "If you've nothing to hide, why hide it?"

It's one of those wee red cashbox things and she keeps it in a drawer by the bed, under some
pictures and books. Every key she has is on the same keyring - it took me a while to find the right one.
I don't know, I suppose I've had my doubts for a while. There's been hushed phone-calls virtually every
night, her friends stop talking when I come in the room and they look at each other, and I don't
know, it's just a feeling. Anyway, I eventually found the right key and it fitted perfectly in.
I put the box on top of the bed and opened it up...

There were these pictures of friends and ex's, letters, postcards, doodles, nothing bad - and then I found
some sort of sex diary and I went to the latest entry. It explicity detailed a recent adventure
up the park with a boy she said she had forgotten about...

And it got worse as it went on. The dates never made sense, there were people I had never even heard of.
Eventually I had to stop reading it because I started to feel sick. So I put everything back the
way I found it, shut the drawer and phoned you. See, I don't know what to do. I keep having
fantasies about leaving her dictaphone under the pillow or following her when she goes to work. I've
been lying about where I'm going, just in case I can bump into her.

Listening to: "Love Detective" (Red Thread) - Arab Strap

Andrej Ban

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