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A Class Act. Minoan Prince Hotel, Ierapetra (Ιεράπετρα, Κρήτη) Crete.
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A Class Act. Minoan Prince Hotel, Ierapetra (Ιεράπετρα, Κρήτη) Crete.

22-07-2008 · Comments (20)
Categories: Crete  Hasselblad SWC/M  Kodak Portra 160VC  

The worst thing about being away is the catching up.....especially when it is catching up that you want to do. I try and be methodical about it which slows me down......I used to also have a lag between getting back and seeing me new stuff but now with scanning them myself I am looking at them the next day so get distracted by that. Anyway, some of you will have seen me and some won't, I'll get there.
I seem to have brought a little snatch of warm weather back with me, has been lovely and at the moment seems to be getting hotter. No doubt the weekend will be spoiled by it changing but loving it at the moment....just encourages me to think about booking another.

So I have scanned most of my images and am quite pleased it has to be said. As a bit of a departure I shot almost exclusively colour for a change. I wanted to shoot a stack more interiors but try and get a different feel to them. I find the black and white emphasises the dereliction and abandonment whereas I am finding the colour gives more of an insight into the life that used to be there. Just my analysis for what it's worth.
I did on this occasion do a few more from the interior of the Minoan Prince Hotel. As you can see from the link a web site is still in existence. From the stuff I found inside it seems to have been closed for about 8 or 9 years. I think I must have lost about 10 pounds in weight whilst in there! I think there are few more shots I might take on another trip, we shall see. Here is an aerial view as well.

I'm a private detective I left at midnight,
I got a five hour drive a place I don't want to go
a lawyer woke me this morning looking for a girl
didn't like his attitude but I can't pass up the dough
I knew her from a photo
a fiancée of a dead friend but I didn't let on
sometimes it's best to pretend
her name was Cynthia her boyfriend Glover
she was brilliantly doomed I got a kick how he loved her

I got to the hotel and I set the alarm
I would check the old hang outs so I got up at 10
no luck by afternoon I stopped at Brunels
the bartender said he's seen her but couldn't remember when
a ten refreshed his memory
Friday she was round
the night Joe The Box got poisoned and ended up face down
his funereal was this evening though I doubt she'd be there
they were drug dealing acquaintances she could hardly care

The long drive

Listening to: "The Long Drive" (Choochtown) - Hamell On Trial

Stanko Abadžic

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