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In The Mad Scattering Wind. St. John ('Αγιος Ιωάννις, Κατος, Κρήτη) Crete.
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In The Mad Scattering Wind. St. John ('Αγιος Ιωάννις, Κατος, Κρήτη) Crete.

29-06-2008 · Comments (21)
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I'm sure I have mentioned my pathological hatred of wasps and slugs, of course...slugs go without saying! But yes wasps. Somehow I managed to get myself stung twice in 2 minutes today in the side of the body....BASTARDS! I felt the first and thought 'what the fu*k' 2 minute later I felt another...I spotted the second one and so in true Buddhist style I killed it! I have no idea why I was singled out....I was wearing an orange t-shirt so perhaps they thought I was an orange flower. It is a San Francisco Giants shirt so perhaps they were supporters of another team! But hey it hurt and I worked it for all the sympathy I could get, which wasn't much I have to say. I'm also very surprised that anything could bite me and live given the alcohol in my body. So as you can see I had a busy day!
On a more positive note I did manage to update some of my portfolio galleries with images so that was positive and I have been giving thought to what I will post whilst away......I have no idea basically but there will be something!

Windmills, I guess we are all familiar with the sight of these by now. I can see a time when our line of vision will always have one of these in it. Not sure what I feel about them, I suppose most of us wouldn't want one outside our house...that endless sound they make as the blades cut through the air seems to have all the active components for killing yourself! Perhaps one could be distracted by the reduced power costs...if they were passed on to us of course. I know they are supposed to be greener and that by using them we are saving the planet for future generations...but I'll be honest and I know it may go against the grain but I am sick weary and tired of being beaten over the head with my carbon footprint and being given the guilts whenever I pull out an aerosol tin...and meanwhile we sit back and see China opening supposedly 2 coal powered power stations a week! Surely you'd forgive me for thinking I was pissing into the wind! So I do my bit with recycling, composting and stuff but as for guilting me into saving the planet for others...nah! I figure the world might just last until I die which is pretty much all I need! We will be the victims of our own success and perhaps that's as it should be....it seems to me it's only once we've killed ourselves that this planet will regenerate. Perhaps we really are living in the final days as so many religious groups say.
Anyway, sorry about that....it's a windmill with a pretty sky! Wanna know where it is? Here is an aerial shot of the windmills and the lump of land they occupy.

My lover comes to me with a rose on her bosom
The moon's dancin' purple
All through her black hair
And a ladies-in-waiting she stands 'neath my window
And the sun will rise soon on the false and the fair

She tells me she comes from my mother the mountain
Her skin fits her tightly
And her lips do not lie
She silently slips from her throat a medallion
Slowly she twirls it in front of my eyes
I watch her, I love her, I long for to touch her
The satin she's wearin'
Is shimmering blue
Outside my window her ladies are sleeping
My dogs have gone hunting
The howling is through

So I reach for her hand and her eyes turns to poison
And her hair turns to splinters,
And her flesh turns to brine
She leaps cross the room, she stands in the window
And screams that my first-born
Will surely be blind

She throws herself out to the black of the nightfall
She's parted her lips
But she makes not a sound
I fly down the stairway, and I run to the garden
No trace of my true love
Is there to be found

So walk these hills lightly, and watch who you're lovin'
By mother the mountain
I swear that it's true
Love not a woman with hair black as midnight
And her dress made of satin
All shimmering blue

Listening to: "Our Mother The Mountain" (Our Mother The Mountain) - Townes Van Zandt

Joel Salcido

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