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Tourists Want Photos Of The Strangest Things!  York Street, Bath.
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Tourists Want Photos Of The Strangest Things! York Street, Bath.

22-06-2008 · Comments (17)
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Well life seems like one big social whirl just now! Last night went out to see The Handsome Family. A more pleasant evening it would be difficult to imagine unless it involved expensive food and drink in the sun! It took place at the beautiful St. George's in Bristol, a former chapel. The perfect place for the middle aged to listen to music...you get a seat and everyone claps in the right places...very civilised...if that's what you are looking for. Anyway, it was very nice. The weather was crazy...rain heavy enough on the way home that you got soaked before you even managed to get out of the car. Which did cause a few problems as I wanted a takeaway. The food won and I got wet. Still it was quite amusing watching the poor souls trying to get home after a night on the lash in the rain. More socialising out tonight and people coming here tomorrow! I have to say I'm not much of a social animal so the thought of two more evenings of activity is leaving me slightly dizzy right now.

I seem at a total loss what to post of late so I think I will just alternate between Bath and Crete until I rediscover my MOJO . So here is more tourist activity from Bath. Not from the hip on this occasion, I'm getting a little braver and so just pointed at them. The girls were part of a film crew wandering the city and one of them wanted to have her photo taken with the giant cone....I wasn't fast enough so you can imagine my joy when they swapped places. So I thought stuff fannying around with it from the hip I need to get this one so it was from the eye...they didn't seem to care if they realised at all! Here is an aerial shot of the area. Quite close to the abbey as you can see, the possibilities seem endless here!

But it just looks so cold there from the bottle
Another part of another ritual
Standing in the kitchen
Arms are braced against the counter
Swallowing like mercury down the drain

And the neighbours have been drinking
And they are raising quite a stink
Pretty soon they will be fighting
It can get pretty ugly

The city makes a hooting sound tonight
The owl on the roof has got it right
If it's left up to him
He'll take that stupid grin
And decapitate a rodent or a mouse

Take the b train or the shuttle
At the exit have a smoke
Try to spit onto the sidewalk
Instead you wipe it off your chest

I don't wanna freak but the tongue erodes
Each time we start to speak
On a timely mission
Oh you look pretty swell in your new position

Fibreglass funny face up on the wall
It's funny when it's not funny at all
And if it's up to him
We will take the ways of sin
And smash them like glass against the wall

But it's nothing to pathetic
Full of rhetoric and doubt
Carry on like little creature
In the fields of our love

Listening to: "Nashville Parent" (Nixon) - Lambchop

Gigi Cifali

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