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Delirious With Pain, His Bedroom Walls Began To Glow. Hotel Xenia Crete
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Delirious With Pain, His Bedroom Walls Began To Glow. Hotel Xenia Crete

20-06-2008 · Comments (13)
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Had the most wonderful surprise this morning. I thought it was Thursday. How cool is that? A bit like waking up in a panic thinking you are late for work and then realising it's Saturday. So as a result the whole day has felt so damn sweet. Picked up a film from being processed, dropped another off found a load of willing victims about Bath. You know what, I might have a drink on the strength of all this goodness! The weather forecast is shit and I don't care. I may just sit around in my pants all weekend and not wash or shave.

I was going to give you more people shots from Bath but a rest seems in order even though I have a stack to share. Perhaps back to them after this, Mmmmmmm not sure really. In fact what to post has been the main problem of late! So, back to the Hotel Xenia I'm sure there is still a lot of potential there and so will probably continue to bore you for some time to come. The statue that is in this photo I have never seen before, in fact I'm sure I have taken the exact photo without it and posted it....but as it felt so surreal I just had to take another.
I know I have told you all about the place before but for those who are first time visitors (don't get to many of those) it is located in Amnisos (Αμνίσος, Κρήτη) Crete...derelict and beautiful. Anyway, there are a number in the series that can be seen easier if you pop over to Flickr or to my new site. Designed by the architect ΑΡΗΣ ΚΩΝΣΤΑΝΤΙΝΙΔΗΣ (Aris Konstandinidis) (1913-1993). He worked for E.O.T (Greek Tourism Board) between 1957-1967. Today the motel just seems to sit and decay beautifully. I have no idea how long it has been empty nor how long it will be before they level the site. It's situated right on the beach front so one would think prime building land given that it is only about 15 minutes from the airport. I have even managed to find a decent aerial view of the place. So here is a map of the Motel Xenia. The cross shaped building is the centre of the complex.

the giant of Illinois
died from a blister on his toe
after walking all day through the first winter's snow

throwing bits of stale bread to the last speckled doves
he never even felt his shoe full of blood

delirious with pain, his bedroom walls began to glow
and he felt himself soaring up through falling snow
and the sky was a woman's arms
the sky was a woman's arms

a boy with a club foot
had sat next to him in school
once upon a summer's day they went wandering through the woods

they spotted a sleeping swan
on the banks of a muddy stream
and they stormed it with rocks till it collapsed in the reeds

they lay out on a green lawn full of choclate and lemonade
but under the blue bowl the giant was afraid
because the sky was a woman's arms
the sky was a woman's arms

Listening to: "Giant Of Illinois" (Through The Trees) - The Handsome Family

sabine schönberger

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