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The Lap Of The Gods! Minoan Prince Hotel, Ierapetra (Ιεράπετρα, Κρήτη) Crete.
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The Lap Of The Gods! Minoan Prince Hotel, Ierapetra (Ιεράπετρα, Κρήτη) Crete.

08-06-2008 · Comments (12)
Categories: Crete  Hasselblad SWC/M  Kodak Portra 160VC  

Well I'm gonna ache like nothing on earth in the morning! If you never see me again it will be that my joints have seized solid and I'm crawling around on my hands and knees somewhere. The garden has been getting the best of me it has to be said...well not getting the better of me just me being such a lazy SOB that I haven't got to it. So here I am post 6 hours of torture, hedge trimming, digging out compost bins, filling pots with plants and stuff. It all looks very pretty. Did I mention my Hostas? Well they are the best! Anyway I digress, yea I'll pay for this tomorrow and probably the day after. Pretty much every joint is already aching so heaven only knows what I will be like when I swing my legs out of bed.

The last of the three interiors from the Minoan Prince Hotel. I had been trying to gain access for the last few trips but without forcing my way in...well this last trip I found an open door! It was very dark and I really held out no hope for the three shots I took and yet they all seem kinda good. Obviously not long out of business but already fading fast. I was surprised to find that there is still a website in existence for it! Take a look here at the home page and see the hotel in it's former glory! Call me weird but I kind of preferred how I found it...gracefully decaying. It looked as if it had been closed for ages but the web page suggests otherwise. For those of you with an interest here is an aerial view as well. A return visit at some stage soon I would think!

Oh! Every night I’m dreaming of you and we’re weaving through a crowded room
And I ask you to be my best friend too and then I lose you.
On a steamer with a small-city band I chase you through the room again and you’re gone before the next dance ends

(I don’t what it means) Bad Dreams
But I should do what I want to do and I should dream about whoever I want to dream about
But every night I’m calling out your name and every time you get away.
Oh and I’m damned before I even begin but ill chase you through the room again
And I’ll ask you to be my best best friend and then I lose you

Listening to: "Bad Dreams" (End Of Amnesia) - M. Ward

Bill Steber

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