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Contemplating An Uncertain Future. Bath Abbey Churchyard, Bath, Somerset.
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Contemplating An Uncertain Future. Bath Abbey Churchyard, Bath, Somerset.

04-06-2008 · Comments (18)
Categories: Hip  Holga  Ilford XP2  

Well at last this morning the sun came out. After two of the most god awful days. I did persevere with the shorts though which always look kind of odd with a raincoat of any type on, you end up looking like you have nothing on under it! Probably best we don't there and what people do or don't wear under long coats!
OK the damn website is live now. Lots of you have already seen it and have helped me with your valuable feedback. There is more work to be done just small issues here and there but I need time to think about them rather than jump in and change. On the whole it does what the blog isn't doing and that is presenting work in and easy to view cohesive manner. I know many don't like flash so I guess that will always be a personal choice. I know for sure that Google doesn't like flash but then the blog is staying and Google loves the blog and indexes that beautifully. The new portfolio side is easy to find through the blog so all in all it will all get found I think. I felt I needed to have something other than the blog I think because of viewing. It is a less than ideal way of viewing images. Yea it's OK for today and yesterday and perhaps the last week but if I look at my stats no-one or at least very few go further back than a few days, the rest all 700+ of them sit there like yesterday's newspaper. So one will compliment the other...who knows.

Today's image is another my old people caught from the hip series. I usually try and nab a few unsuspecting pensioners after work if the light is good enough for the Holga to perform. I shared a bench with this chap, he seemed quite a sad and lonely figure in the Abbey Churchyard with all the tourists milling around him and didn't stay long. I kind of felt he was local so it was nice to see him in the city swarming with tourists at this time of year....actually any time of the year. As I said this was taken outside of Bath Abbey and if you are interested in seeing the area then here is an aerial view of the area..

I spend the night
Yeah looking for my insides in a hotel room
Waiting for you

Were gonna make it tonight
Yeah something in the air tells me the time is right
So we'd better get it on

And DJ, play a song for the Lovers, tonight
Please, play a song for the lovers, tonight

Don't wanna wait
Lord I've been waiting all my life but I'm too late again
I know but I was scared

Can't you see
I'm moving like a train into some foreign land
I ain't Got a Ticket for this ride but I will

Listening to: "A Song For The Lovers" (Alone With Everybody) - Richard Ashcroft

Emil Schidt

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