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Intent On Planning Their Day! Bath Abbey Churchyard, Bath, Somerset.
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Intent On Planning Their Day! Bath Abbey Churchyard, Bath, Somerset.

29-05-2008 · Comments (18)
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Funny old day yesterday, for a start I had to work a full day.....yea you're right I was exhausted! We had a big staff meeting lots of news to be shared some good some not so good depending who you were. I'm sure that these things are always difficult for the person who has to do the delivery and I have to say our director did a good job given the difficult job it was. So after we went to the pub..well some of us! Always a bad idea having a few drinks on an empty stomach...goes right to my head and I was encouraged to stay much longer than a man of my age should...bad girls! So I ended up cooking food at 1030 and eating at about 11. MMmmmm sat a bit heavy I have to say...still we did have a giggle which was essential given the circumstances.
I have never been a smoker and I have to confess that I have never been a smoking fascist. I always kind of accepted that if I went to the pub then it would be smoky and if I didn't like that I stayed at home. But I'll tell you since smoking was banned in pubs and the like they are a joy to be in.....you can stay all night...get rat assed and still arrive home smelling sweet!

Today's shot is another in my occasional series of 'elderly people shot from the hip with the Holga.' I am getting quite good at getting up close and personal. This was taken in the lower portion of the Bath Abbey Churchyard. They seemed to be mulling over the touristy type things that they would be filling their day with so hardly noticed me sat on their lap! I have decided that if I am ever confronted with my proximity issues I will just say I'm lonely and looking for some love...who knows they may take me home and write me into their will at the exclusion of their children! Anyway, as I said this was taken outside of Bath Abbey and if you are interested in exactly where they were sat here is an aerial view of the area. as well.

All you fear, is fear its self
Check our your own back yard before you check out someone else

Railroad track, in my neighbourhood
Ain’t no trains around that part just ain’t no good

Wanna know, what’s going down,
When the pimp on the corner looks like the sharpest cat in town

Jungle rule, can’t be no fool
Might get caught by the hook of a crook no time for cool

Look out jay, what you say, what you carrying brother
I hope you’re clean cause the man is mean, don’t come another further

We all know the answer, will come out in time
I might even carry some of your load, right along with mine

Thank you ma’am, mister please
‘Cause I must be Hercules
I must be Hercules

Listening to: "Hercules" (New Orleans Funk) - Aaron Neville

David Hilliard

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