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Static Whilst We Persue The Past. Annetta Ruth Lea, Taunton, Somerset.
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Static Whilst We Persue The Past. Annetta Ruth Lea, Taunton, Somerset.

17-05-2008 · Comments (31)
Categories: Hasselblad 500CM  Kodak BW400CN  

Ah the weekend! I'll forgive the turn in weather just to enjoy the weekend. I am in Richmond for Saturday, a birthday party which will be nice. We are hoping for a few outdoor festivities so dry would be good but I guess just the company will be fine. The car is in the garage having the damage repaired caused by the wind all those weeks ago and we have been saddled with a new yet very underpowered car so the 2 hour trip up on the motorway may be a bone shaking experience...we shall see.
I know I've been back the best part of a week but it is taking an age to get back into posting and visiting my favourite blogs mode.....I'll get there, perhaps give it the big push on Sunday...or perhaps I ought to be checking out flights again...just a thought!

Today's shot is from a recent trip to my mother-in law, Netta. She is 93 and has recently lost her younger sister Ethel to cancer. The process of dealing with Ethel's estate has unearthed many family treasures that had either been forgotten or in many cases even Netta didn't know existed. So it has been a sad and interesting time for all of us. I don't visit as much as I ought to but on this occasion these photos of their parents and Netta as a baby were being looked at and so I thought I would try and capture something with the little used Hasselblad 500cm.

Maybe, maybe it's the clothes we wear,
The tasteless bracelets and the dye in our hair,
Maybe it's our kookiness,
Or maybe, maybe it's our nowhere towns,
Our nothing places and our cellophane sounds,
Maybe it's our looseness,

But we're trash, you and me,
We're the litter on the breeze,
We're the lovers on the streets,
Just trash, me and you,
It's in everything we do,
It's in everything we do...

Maybe, maybe it's the things we say,
The words we've heard and the music we play,
Maybe it's our cheapness,
Or maybe, maybe it's the times we've had,
The lazy days and the crazes and the fads,
Maybe it's our sweetness,

Listening to: "Trash" (Coming Up) - Suede

Milton Rogovin

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