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Dreams. St. Michael (Άγιος Μιχαήλ), Metaxochori (Μεταξοχώρι, Κρήτη) Crete.
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Dreams. St. Michael (Άγιος Μιχαήλ), Metaxochori (Μεταξοχώρι, Κρήτη) Crete.

05-04-2008 · Comments (21)
Categories: Crete  Fuji 160S  Hasselblad SWC/M  

I was all for leaving the last post for a few days but as the day has dragged on the overall blue nature of the image has begun to get to me so I am changing it. I just thought something restful might be more in order for the weekend. Speaking of which the bloody weather is all set for change here with the reintroduction of winter. Now, I am usually formally in shorts by now but thank God I held off for a few extra days or I would be freezing me balls off. Yes they have forecast snow! Just as we seemed to be fully in the grip of a beautiful spring the damn cold returns. I am thinking if they are right I will be hibernating this weekend...probably not even washing or getting dressed. Too much information? Perhaps!

Another from Crete and another from the mountain village of Μεταξοχώρι (Metaxochori) way out at the end of nowhere. Yeah I know I have told you how it's slipping down the hillside and how most of the houses are empty and that it hasn't suffered an earthquake but is built on a fault that is gradually pushing it down the hillside. I did return here on the last trip quite specifically to shoot interiors, there are lots of those and with the village being so quiet for the large part, I have been left alone there which is great. Also the place is something of an assault course so nobody is wandering where I am. Anyway, I posted one of this interior a few days ago but this shot shows a little more detail and for a change it is colour. These interiors for the large part tend to lend themselves to black and white but I'm glad I fired off a few colour shots even though the colour is quite subdued. If you fancy a wander around the area you can with my assistance! Here's an aerial view. I do have others from this village which I will post as and when.

I try to believe what i feel these days
It makes life much easier for me
It's hard to decide what is real these days
When things look so dizzy to me

I already know my children's children's faces
Voices that I've heard before
There's always more
There's always more

Wondering leaving the sea behind
To my home which everybody owns
Wondering, wondering
Where we can do what we please

I feel like a thousand years have passed
I'm younger than i used to be
I feel like the world is my home at last
I know everyone that I meet

Somewhere in the music I can hear the bells
I heard a thousand years before
There's always more
There's always more

Wondering is this there all there is
Since I was since I began to be
Wondering, wandering
Where we can do what we please

Listening to: "Sly" - (Protection) Massive Attack

Tod Seelie

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