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Crossed Wires. Lassithi Plateau (Οροπέδιο Λασιθίου, Κρήτης.) Crete
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Crossed Wires. Lassithi Plateau (Οροπέδιο Λασιθίου, Κρήτης.) Crete

27-03-2008 · Comments (11)
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Well there was no intention of posting tonight I have to say. Changed my mind for a variety of reasons all of which I have typed out at least half a dozen times here but then realised no one is really interested in the working of my mind assuming I understood it myself. Anyway I'm posting. Had a brief wander after work and took a few Holgas from the hip on the poor unsuspecting public of Bath. With the weather gradually getting milder it brings them out, the tourists arrive in their droves and so the photo opportunities present themselves. You'd think in a world heritage city that finding a nice quiet spot for a picnic would be fairly easy. Why would someone choose a bus shelter? God knows!

OK another from the last trip. I thought I had better post an outdoor non derelict shot or I'll have you thinking I spent all my time inside. This was of some sort of mast that I found located on the edge of the Lassithi Plateau (Οροπέδιο Λασιθίου). A scenic plain located in the Lasithi prefecture in eastern Crete, Greece. It is approximately 70 km from Heraklion and lies at an average altitude of 840m, which makes it one of the few permanently inhabited areas of such altitude around the Mediterranean. Winters can be very harsh and snow on the plain and surrounding mountains often persists until mid spring. Its fertile soil due to alluvial run-off from melting snow, has attracted inhabitants since Neolithic times (6000 B.C.). Minoans and Dorians followed and the plateau has been continuously inhabited since then, except a period that started in 1293 and lasted for over two centuries during the Venetian occupation of Crete. During that time and due to frequent rebellions and strong resistance, villages were demolished, cultivation prohibited and natives were forced to leave and forbidden to return under a penalty of death. Later, in the early 15th century, Venetian rulers allowed refugees from the Greek mainland (eastern Peloponnese) to settle in the plain and cultivate the land again. To ensure good crops, Venetians ordered the construction of a large system of drain ditches that are still in use. Lasithi plateau is famous for its white-sailed windmills that have been used for centuries to irrigate the land. Despite their vast number (some 10,000) in the past, most of them have been abandoned nowadays in favour of modern diesel and electrical pumps. There are several caves of archaeological interest in the surrounding countryside, of which Diktaion Andron (Greek: Δικταίον Άντρον, also Diktaean / Diktaian Cave) near the village of Psychro is the birthplace of Zeus according to Greek Mythology.
Here is an Here is an aerial view of the plateau. The above words are not mine I hasten to add!

Oh, how can my giving find the rhythm and the time of you
Unless you sing your songs to me
The smell of your sweet skin does entangle my dream
Oh may I stand here awhile living your smile

Oh, how could you ever know what you've done
You warmed my heart when I was so all alone
But all I have to give
Are my dreams of coming and going forever
Inside the rivers of time you'll find me waiting
For you to find peace in your mind
So we can love again

Listening to: "Love From Room 109 At The Islander (On Pacific Coast Highway)" (Happy Sad) - Tim Buckley

Jock Sturges

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