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The Fruits Of Our Labour And A Promise... Neapoli (Νεάπολη, Κρήτη) Crete
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The Fruits Of Our Labour And A Promise... Neapoli (Νεάπολη, Κρήτη) Crete

25-02-2008 · Comments (12)
Categories: Astia 100  Crete  Hasselblad SWC/M  

I contemplated going out taking photos this weekend but it was grey and frankly I couldn't be bothered. Crete is less than a week away and I will have two weeks of nothing to think about other than photos. Well I have been given some other tasks but hopefully they won't take long. A little socialising and the odd drink here or there...but other than that it will be film all the dam way....hence my indifference in the grey of Bath this weekend. Still I processed a few images ready for the advanced posting and caught up on a little correspondence.
I also seem to have run out of Jack Daniels and Wild Turkey! Not sure how that happened but I guess these trips to the airport serve more than one purpose eh? See by spending money I am saving it. A lojik I have developed over the years, if I use it carefully I can pretty much justify anything!

I'll apologise right away about the blue! Hopefully you have wiped the blood from your eyes! That damn Astia seems to love the blue Cretan skies.
Today's image is another of the series that I took last year in Crete. This is the local high school in the town of Neapoli (Νεάπολη). A more depressing school I think I couldn't find....it was empty due to the holidays.....it was stark and dirty, it seemed to have the feel of the eastern block. Having said that I guess Greece also has a communist history so I'm sure a lot of the building reflected the same style. However the photos seem to present it as something else and it looks kind of pretty...perhaps it's that damn Astia making it look nice. Anyway this is one of many that will be posted eventually. For those with an interest here is an aerial shot of the school, the building can be seen in the centre of the photo. Neapoli is off to the right if you want to take a look.

Down by the donut prince a fifteen year old boy lies on the sidewalk
With a bullet in his forehead
In a final act of indignity the paramedics take off all his clothes
For the whole world to see while they put him in the bag
Meanwhile and old couple argues inside the queen bee
The sick fluorescent light shimmering on their skin

Listening to: "Susan's House" (Beautiful Freak) - Eels

Shannon Welles

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