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The Bus Was Three Cigarettes Late! High Street, Bath, Somerset.
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The Bus Was Three Cigarettes Late! High Street, Bath, Somerset.

18-02-2008 · Comments (10)
Categories: Hip  Holga  Kodak BW400CN  

Well blow me the weather people were right. Wall to wall sunshine just as they promised. Heavy overnight frosts which I love, minus six last night...not cold by a lot of standards but cold enough to matter...the world does look beautiful with a covering of frost, always makes me want to be out. I did manage to take some photos Saturday afternoon...well only in the garden granted but photos they were.
The whole of today seems to have been taken up with car related activity. From a visit to my mothers this morning to picking up the new baby. I'm not sure when I have signed so many pieces of paper in one sitting. You would have thought I was taking delivery of a complete fleet of cars, I swear I must have signed my name 20 times. What I really need now is a week off of work to play with it. I mean what does one do with a bluetooth connection between ones mobile and the car? And do I really want to be able to voice activate stuff like the stereo? Anyhow I love to drive so on the odd occasion I get to drive I'll enjoy it I'm sure. Getting it in the garage is fun though...a tad tight is how it's best described.

Bit of a dark image tonight. Nearly didn't post it but I like the mood that the Holga seems to have captured. I have always been attracted to dark images and enjoy the having to search for the detail. This was a particularly dark winters day, middle of the day in fact, yet I like the feeling of dusk and the light fading. I thought for a minute she rumbled me shooting her but it was good. I took 2 this being the better with the abbey giving a nice backdrop. Here's an aerial view. The Abbey that you can see behind her is at the bottom of the map.

In a white room
With black curtains
Near the stations
Blackroof country
No gold pavements
Tired starlings
Silver horses
Ran down moonbeams
In your dark eyes
Dawn-light smiled
On you leaving
My contentment

I'll wait in this place
Where the sun never shines
Wait in this place
Were the shadows run from themselves

Listening to: "White Room" (Wheels Of Fire) - Cream


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