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No Photograph? Perhaps It Didn't Happen! Bath Abbey Church Yard, Bath.
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No Photograph? Perhaps It Didn't Happen! Bath Abbey Church Yard, Bath.

15-02-2008 · Comments (12)
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Winter is back the sun has disappeared and the temperatures fallen. Over recent days the pavements of Bath have been littered with people enjoying the unseasonably warm weather. Today all there were was people scurrying between places and me being dragged to Building society to put my name to stuff for the car. I have never opened a saving account in my life and yet it would appear that rather large sums of money are tied up in my name! As soon as I found out I was all for buying tickets to Cuba, flip flops and sarongs and escaping to the sun! The words turbo diesel and Sat Nav suddenly seemed mildly uninteresting when the alternative was a whirling ceiling fan and the sounds of the street. Heated seats, why? I signed as directed.

I had no idea I was able to take so many damn photos with people in! OK another from the soon to end people in Bath series. The city can often be an interesting place to wander if only for the variety of nationalities that come to look. They all have their slightly different ways of behaving which can be quite funny when you have 3 56 seater coaches of one nationality arrive all at the same time. Usually they are give an hour or something ridiculous to see the city. I adore the posing in front of the Abbey or perhaps the Roman Baths. All seem to have their own personal way of acting and dressing...I love it.
Anyway, today's is such a group, not being odd or particularly different but worthy of shooting. Another from the hip and taken in the lower portion of Bath Abbey churchyard. I have always called it that yet it is just a paved area....certainly no graves unless they are underfoot. I suppose I ought to know. OK here is an aerial view of the area.

Flame is healed by flame,
not in the slow trickle of moments
but in a single flash, at once;
like the longing that merged with another longing
so that the two remained riveted
or like
the rhythm in music that stays
there at the centre like a statue


This breath of life is not a transition:
the thunderbolt rules it.

Γιώργος Σεφέρης

Listening to: "We Met By The Love-Lies-Bleeding" (A Place Where I Know) - Paula Frazer

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